About Us

90 Minutes is owned and published by Trequartista Media. In keeping with our name, our vision is to create, to make things happen. With football in India on the verge of making it big, it is time that different sections in the media came forward in a synergized effort to propel the sport forward, and putting India on the global football map. We will do our bit.

The fuel for this monthly magazine has been our overwhelming love for football. That itself will be the underlying theme of 90 Minutes, which is all about celebrating the sport and all it stands for.

We aim to provide the fans with opinions, insight, analyses, and news from the latest goings-on of European football, as well as bring to their notice all that is happening in Indian football, because football can only become a force to reckon with in India if the national team and the I-League are reported and followed a lot more. That itself will make the standard of the game in India improve.

With a team of young and renowned writers from both India and Europe, as well as guest articles by footballers and other celebrities, trivia, contests, and much, much more, 90 Minutes will continue to bring the passion that is football to you every month.

India deserves a quality football magazine, and now, it has one.