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Calling all football fans!

If you’re here, football is probably something you’re passionate about, and it’s time that you transformed that passion into words! Writing about your favourite sport can be highly satisfying, and 90 Minutes magazine is here to help your work get published.

It’s not about the fancy words, but just about your knowledge and passion for the game, and how you communicate your thoughts. And you never know, once you start writing, you could even become a regular columnist at 90 Minutes, and you might just realize it’s something you could make a career out of.

The process is highly simple. Just send us a request in the form below, or an email into submissions [at] 90minutes [dot] in with your article, name and contact details, and if the article is good enough, it will be the lucky one to get published in the next issue, and the writer will also be given a free subscription of 90 Minutes!

For any other queries, write in to the Editor at